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International Air Freight


When you need speedy international freight forwarding services, air is your best option. Freight Forwarding Solutions offers international air freight services for urgent cargo forwarding. Whether you need to send freight overseas or domestically, air shipping is the fastest option. This shipping method ensures that your cargo travels from point A to point B as smoothly as possible. 

Our team follows Cargo iQ procedures, guaranteeing the highest quality level. We provide a route map for each shipment, complete with milestones. The route map includes detailed notes and member alerts when an item doesn’t reach its designated milestones, allowing us to address the problem as quickly as possible. This quality monitoring system sets our service apart from the rest. We pride ourselves on keeping clients informed!

Our team can meet your shipping needs and offer an individualized rate that provides you with the best value possible. We work with companies of all sizes to find international shipping solutions for their unique circumstances. 

Contact our team in Lynbrook, NY for information on shipping international rates! Our service and prices are unmatched. When you work with us, you get a custom experience that caters to your unique needs.

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