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International Ocean Freight


International ocean freight shipping is an affordable, reliable way to send cargo long distances. When you are sending cargo as ocean freight, it’s vital to find a reliable shipping partner. Freight Forwarding Solutions is an ocean freight forwarder that makes it easy to ship goods across the globe. 

We understand that overseas shipping is often slower, which can cause concerns about your package’s location. That’s why we carefully monitor all shipments through our network, ensuring that we can provide information for you when you need it. Carefully tracking packages reduces the possibility of lost cargo and items being sent to the wrong destination. 

For those who need to send a large amount of cargo, we offer full container load shipments. This means that your cargo gets a container all to itself. If you have a smaller amount, we may recommend a less than container load, also known as a group shipment. 

Ocean shipments are safe, efficient, and suitable for a wide variety of goods. As your forwarding agent, we’ll handle the logistics and ensure you get the best price possible. Contact our team in Lynbrook, NY to get a free quote! We’ll calculate the estimated cost according to the size, type, and destination of your cargo.

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