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Warehouse Service


When you’re transporting large amounts of goods, you may need help storing them. At Freight Forwarding Solutions, we’re proud to offer a warehouse service for our clients. If you need a reliable, reasonably-priced storage solution for your cargo, we can help. 

Our team will help you find the best option for your specific needs based on the cargo type, the destination, and the dimensions of the boxes. We’ll give you a quote for our storage services. We pride ourselves on transparency when it comes to pricing!

We keep our warehouse well-organized so we can hold large amounts of freight. We offer both short-term and long-term storage for your items, and our warehouse is perfect for holding a wide variety of goods. Our warehouse is fully climate-controlled in order to protect the cargo we have in storage. Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity level prevents warping in wood and other heat-sensitive materials. 

When it’s time to send out your cargo, our company can handle the freight shipping logistics. We have distribution centers in a variety of shipping hubs for more efficient delivery.

Our warehouse company is located in Lynbrook, NY. Call today to learn more about your storage options and pricing!

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